Миша Тиунов (mux22) wrote,
Миша Тиунов

Repeat all

Techno Animal - Re-entry.
Восхитительный альбом. Нашел на блогспоте хороший текст об этой пластинке и о Techno Animal вообще, там (среди прочего) есть очень точное описание альбома:

It's very psychedelic--like a fever dream--a haze of intoxication, often conveying a sense of the pastoral and the arboreal. Some tracks miss-the-mark, but it's an amazing 2+ hours for trainspotters and music addicts. You don't need drugs here, this music is drugs.

И там же, в каментах, прекрасная ода:

Although there are a few 'in between' pieces that I think stray outside of listenability, the 'main' works on this album are some of the deepest, heaviest, most haunting and most beautiful pieces of music I know. It's dark, slow groove basically did a better job in 1995 of what grime and dubstep try to do today.
It's more ambient than most ambient, heavier than black metal, darker than Blade Runner, more authentically psychedelic than most psychedelic trance, groovier than most dub reggae and somehow more organic than a hippie playing an acoustic guitar even though it's more industrial than industrial music. There is pretty much one album that is all of these things, and this is it.

Все так.

Удержаться от параллелей со Scorn действительно трудно, но различий между ними гораздо больше, чем сходства.
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