Миша Тиунов (mux22) wrote,
Миша Тиунов

Про второй портал

Вот, кстати, кому интересно.

На моей любимой арстехнике есть хороший текст о том, чем второй портал хуже первого.

I can't play Portal at night. The game has this pervasive, soul-destroying feeling of solitude. The Aperture Science Enrichment Center is incomprehensibly enormous, and yet moving through it we meet not a single living thing. The test chambers are equipped with observation rooms—plainly there should be people up there—this should be a busy, bustling science lab. But they're all empty. The lights are all on, but there's literally no one at home. Even when we break out of test chambers, there's nothing. No scientists, no research assistants, no secretaries, no janitors, no maintenance men—not even any other test subjects.

This loneliness is further compounded by the Companion Cube. We're so desperately alone in the world that we form an emotional attachment to a metal box with hearts on it. We're willing to reach out even to an inanimate object in the vain hope that it will reciprocate our desires for interaction.

Я примерно это и хотел сказать, когда писал про ОЧЕНЬ СТРАШНУЮ ИГРУ. Во втором портале недостаточно спокойного тяжелого безумия, которым так отличалась первая часть. Хотя местами через край, вот, например:

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