Миша Тиунов (mux22) wrote,
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там еще есть хорошее.
вот, например:

ну то есть чувак дикий и по делу не все пишет, хотя, возможно, следовало бы, но общий смысл и кайф определенно присутствует. И еще встречаются милые своей прямотой советы по взаимодействию с заказчиками.

Like so many other repair decisions, this one depends largely on how you feel about that particular customer. Decent guy = glue & dowel. Whiny jerk = bigger screw. Don't feel like you have to do your absolute best every single minute (see The Repair Guy Philosophy).

А вот вообще шедевр, в рамочку и на стену:

If you have a guitar tuner or pitch pipe, use it now. Tune the new string to its approximate correct pitch. If no pitch source is available, the following method can be used:
• 1st string: when tuned, will slice sharp cheddar at 32º F
• 2nd string: will slice sharp cheddar at 45º F
• 3rd string: will slice sharp cheddar at 57º F
• 4th string: will slice medium cheddar at 68.3º F
• 5th string: will slice mild cheddar at 81º F
• 6th string: will slice velveeta at 92º F

Please keep in mind that the Cheese Method is only a last resort. The results will almost certainly be messy, and it's not that accurate, either. (Note: cheese can be removed from many surfaces with ordinary lighter fluid)
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